Lovely Sunday

Joel worked overnight last night. This happens every now and again. It is not awesome, but is means he gets home by 10 a.m. the next morning. Typically he takes a huge nap post-call, but before that, we almost always go out for family brunch. Today we chose to explore Mississippi Ave. We bundled up, got in the car and followed our fancies towards warm goodies to fill our tummies.

Mississippi Avenue is a hot spot in NE Portland. It's full of charming shops, restaurants, bars and the like. It also holds a staple in the DIY homeowner's go-to repetoire. The Re-Building Center. We didn't realize it was on Mississippi until we drove past it and let out a shout for joy! Even though our tummies were grumbling, we had to check it out!

The center takes up an entire block.

Doors and doors for miles!
We plan on replacing all the doors in our new house
and this place will come in quite handy!

Sinks and sinks and sinks and sinks.

Joel was in heaven. He kept saying,
"We're going to save so much money fixing up our house!"
My man loves to save a dollar. 

Tiles. And tiles. Drool. And drool. 

Not for sale, but charming nonetheless!



Seriously. This place had everything you could image for fixing up your house, but it's also great for creating art, furniture, whatever your little heart desires!

I foolishly took all of these photos in b&w. Sorry about that.

We ended up eating at a cute little taqueria called Por Que No? I had the plato tipico with beans, rice, eggs and avocado and a Rosa de Jamaica tea. This was basically what I ate every day of our honeymoon in Guatemala, so it was a wonderful breakfast for me. Joel had a plain ol' cheese quesadilla (boring!) and Nolie had a little bit of everything. 'Atta girl!

All in all it was a lovely morning.

My man and the bear. 

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  1. I went to a place similar to this today!!! wow. I was looking for some shelves for a new pbr display and realized its full of house things, things i dont need :( Oh well. Can't wait to hit that place up with you. and the b/w looked cool.
    hi bear!